About us

    Rioco Kidswear is a specialized online wholesale supplier of baby and children's clothing. Our business is to help independent entrepreneurs chase their dreams, empower brick-and-mortar store owners, online store sellers, boutique owners to buy and sell wholesale online.

    In order to cater to the market demand we are running thousands of styles, and keeping updates with new styles almost every day.What's more, there would be no minimum order quantity restriction.

    We specialize in fashionable and unique children's clothing with a wide variety of products such as baby rompers, tutus, boys' suits, princess dresses, children's swimwear, children's knitwear, and children's accessories such as hats headbands, blankets, socks, etc.

    We have a tier price discount for each style when its quality reaches like 10pcs , 20pcs, 50pcs or more.We also have a discount if your order total amount reaches some amount.


    Our platform provides a powerful and wide range of product lines, so sellers can simplify their wholesale business and focus on what they love: sales and marketing.

    If you're looking for children's clothing Rioco Kidswear is definitely the place you've been searching for.