The right way to bathe a baby

How To Bathe A Baby Step-By-Step?

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You can start incorporating bath time into your baby's routine as soon as they are born. Some pediatricians advise postponing a baby's first bath until they are a few days old. This is because your kid is covered with vernix after delivery, a waxy material on the skin that shields the newborn from pathogens in the surroundings.

If you have a hospital birth, the amniotic fluid and blood will be cleaned away by hospital nurses or personnel after your baby is born. Could you give them a sponge bath when you get your newborn home?

You have the option of cleaning their head, body, and diaper area. This is the most secure method of bathing your infant until the umbilical cord falls off.

When the chord has naturally fallen off, you can begin bathing your baby by immersing their body in a shallow bath. Continue reading to learn how to bathe your kid and everything else you need to know about bath time.

Baby Bath Time – Step by step Guide

Bathing your newborn may appear to be a difficult task at first. However, bathing your kid will be as simple as changing their diaper within a few weeks. Here are a few simple procedures for bathing a newborn.

1.  Get Everything Ready For Your Baby's First Bath

  • Ensure the room temperature is warm (at least 27°C) so your infant doesn't become cold.
  • Next to the tub, place a soap (and, if you use it, shampoo), sponge or washcloth, and a rinser bath cup.
  • Get the best Natural Baby Washes and Organic Baby Shampoos from wholesale baby items for resale.
  • Prepare an organic baby towel in preparation for the arrival of a baby.
  • Prepare a set of changing clothes, diapers, and nappy cream for your baby's changing table before the bath.
  • Fill the container to the appropriate temperature. Use the best baby bath thermometer to ensure that the temperature is correct. 5-10 cm of water is more than enough to bathe a newborn.

2.  Begin The Baby Bath

Undress your infant near the bathing area and slowly set them in the tub. Begin with his feet and work your way up, using one hand to hold his neck and head. You can get a comfy bathtub from the wholesale kidswear store for your ease.

3.  Keep Your Child Warm

To keep the infant warm, wrap a flannel around his belly. Pour cupfuls of bath water daily for the same reason.

4.  Wash The Baby With Care

To avoid dry skin, use a small amount of baby soap. Always keep his head supported. It is preferable to have someone assist you in washing and receiving him in a towel at first because babies are slippery when wet, and, of course, some practice is required. You can wash your baby with a soft washcloth from newborn baby clothes wholesale after rinsing the soap with a cup of water.

5.  Take Him From The Tub

When lifting him out of the tub, use one hand to support his neck and head and the other to support his bottom. Wrap your fingers around the thigh to keep the baby from sliding.

6.  Wrap Him In A Blanket

Wrap a hooded towel around your beautiful little one. To keep your baby warm, cover him with another large one and snuggle him for a bit. The soft towels can be obtained from a Spanish baby clothing wholesale supplier. The diaper is then changed, along with some cream and garments. Wao, You did an excellent job.


While bathing, your baby should be supervised at all times. Never leave a newborn alone near water. If your infant cries or doesn't love bath time, make sure the environment is warm enough, the water isn't too hot, and they're wrapped in a towel.

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