Wear Green at Home on St. Patrick's Day

5 Ways to Wear Green at Home on St. Patrick's Day

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On March 17, many Americans wear green in honor of St. Patrick's Day. The St. Patrick's Day tradition began in the 17th century when people would wear green ribbons and shamrocks on March 17 to honor Ireland's patron saint. The St. Patrick's Day tradition was popularised by Irish immigrants in the United States who believed that wearing green made them invisible to leprechauns—the classic fairy creatures who pinch anyone they see.

You don't have to dress up as a leprechaun to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. These are some of our favorite cultured ways to add color to your wardrobe from women clothing wholesale USA.

1. Sweater And Pencil Skirt

If your St. Patrick's Day is going to be chilly, pull out that oversized sweater and pair it with a neutral pencil skirt from wholesale girls' skirts. The earthy ensemble can be dressed up with a pop of color, which you can easily incorporate with a pair of heels. This outfit would be ideal for working moms on a casual Friday. They're delicate enough to wear anywhere, so you'll feel festive whether you're going to the office or working from home.

2. Jeans And A Vest

If you're going to a St. Patrick's Day party, you can go for a more casual look by wearing a military-style vest. Put on your most comfortable denim, your best walking shoes, and a basic white tee. You can also choose pocket pants for girls wholesale. Add a green vest on top, and you'll be a mom ready to hit the town without people pinching.

3. Boyfriend Blazer

Wearing a blazer over your casual outfit is one way to dress it up a notch. If you're going to a nice lunch or a semi-casual meeting at home, a blazer can dress up your look without being too stiff or corporate. Plus, a green blazer will give you the perfect pop of color for St. Patrick's day. You can get some amazing blazers of your choice from women clothing wholesale USA.

4. Scarf Sassy

You can wear green on St. Patrick's Day without going overboard. A scarf, for example, is a simple way to incorporate color without being overly bold. If you choose a printed scarf from mommy and me wholesale, you can pair it with a contrasting print in your outfit to make a trendy style statement. Just don't overdo it with the print mixing so that your scarf gets all the attention.

5. Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is comfortable, warm, and suitable for moms of all ages. You can carry it with or without leggings or tights, and it can be dressed up with just one or two simple pieces of jewelry. Make your St. Patrick's day celebrations a breeze by wearing a classic sweater dress from women clothing wholesale USA that you can wear almost anywhere. Pair it with ballet flats to run errands. By wearing ankle boots, you can meet up with family for lunch. Strut around in a pair of sexy heels for a St. Patrick's Day dinner date with your hubby.

Final Thoughts

Your green accent doesn't have to be overpowering! It could be something small and cute, such as a lovely piece of jewelry. Follow all of the ideas above, and have a wonderful St. Patrick's day.

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